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New RefWorks: Welcome

How to use this guide

This guide covers the essentials of:

  • Starting to use RefWorks
  • Adding references
  • Organising references into folders
  • Adding references to Word and Google Docs
  • Creating bibliographies or reference lists

Each section covers the basic skills you will need to use RefWorks effectively. 

This guide covers the basics but if you want more comprehensive instruction then we recommend the Proquest RefWorks online guide.


What is RefWorks?

It is Reference Management Software that lets you:

  • Create a database of references imported from online resources such as databases and websites
  • Organise those references into folders
  • Share your references with other researchers
  • Insert references directly into a Word document choosing from a range of referencing styles
  • Create a bibliography of all or a selection of your references.

Who can use RefWorks?

Any student or member of staff at De Montfort University can use RefWorks. As it is a web-based facility it can be accessed from anywhere there is Internet acces. You can also use it after graduation.

RefWorks Support

Help is also available through your Librarian

Workshops on Referencing and RefWorks are put on throughout the year. Check out our online calendar to see what is available and to book a place.

PhD students can sign up to REST7517 Good Academic Practice and Reference Management via the RDP on Blackboard.

You can contact RefWorks support by completing their online help form: 

Login to RefWorks

Login to RefWorks with your username (this will be your DMU email address) and RefWorks password by clicking on the icon:    

If you've not used New RefWorks before follow the instructions on setting up account under the 'Start using RefWorks' tab.

Online course

Prefer learning through an interactive online tutorial? We have one that covers everything from creating an account through to adding references to a paper. Click on the image to access it:

Cover image of online course.

Learn to use RefWorks in 20 minutes

This video provides a quick introduction to using RefWorks. Alternatively you may prefer to use our Quick Start guide.