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Maths Learning Centre (MLC): Workshops

Open Programme Workshops

We deliver maths and statistics workshops throughout the academic year. Bookings for these workshops open two weeks in advance, click here to book now.

Currently we offer the following Open Programme workshops: 

This is a hands on session where you will discuss what you would like to learn about your calculators, carry out some calculations such as finding a mean, standard deviation and correlation coefficient and identify possible pitfalls with using your calculator. (Models FX83, FX85 ONLY).


In order to enrol on ANY teaching course you need to pass a numeracy skills test. This workshop is designed to introduce you to the structure of the tests as well as to familiarise you with the maths involved; both written and mental arithmetic. This is a highly interactive session so please come along ready to share ideas and do some maths!


This workshop is for students about to embark on a research project that will require the use of a questionnaire to collect data and information. At the workshop you will learn to design a questionnaire by considering your research and what survey questions will provide you with the data and information you will need to carry out the analysis. The design is dictated by the information you want to collect, therefore we will consider types of questions, layout, order and delivery. Remember a well thought out questionnaire will make it easier for your participation group to respond and give you useful data!


This workshop will provide you with an introduction to statistical analysis mainly focusing on descriptive statistics. For descriptive statistics, the data is initially described and summarised using graphs and statistical quantities (e.g. frequencies, percentages, mean, median, bar charts etc). The workshop will explore the different data types, their characteristics and how to distinguish between them. These steps are essential for setting the scene and carrying out any statistical tests.


Once the descriptive statistics is reported, an analysis of the data set can be carried out. Depending on your research question and type of data collected or gathered, there are various statistical tests to choose from. This workshop will cover techniques to help you choose the right statistical test to analyse your data and draw conclusions. It will also explain what a p-value is and how this can be reported in relation to your research question(s). Note this session will not deal with interpreting and reporting finding. For that, please see the workshop on Reporting your statistical analysis.


This is an opportunity to revisit the foundations of some algebraic topics such as: simplifying expressions, expanding and factorising, solving equations and rearranging formulae. These topics may underpin mathematical aspects of your course, so this session is your chance to deepen your understanding of algebra and increase your confidence.


This session looks at conventions for reporting findings of statistical analysis and will help you to interpret results from other papers and studies. Note this session will not deal with statistical analysis. For that, please see workshops on descriptive and inferential statistics.


Embedded Workshops

We offer faculty workshops that are specific to certain modules. To find out whether this applies to your course, get in touch during our drop-in hours or email