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Maths Learning Centre (MLC): Book 1:1 Tutorials

Enhancing maths and statistics learning and teaching for staff and students

One-to-One Tutorial Bookings

Welcome to Maths Learning Centre (MLC) tutorials

You can book 1:1 tutorial appointments with the Maths Learning Centre team to get support with Maths and Statistics queries. This service is for all DMU students (undergraduate and postgraduate students). You can be studying on any discipline as almost every course has some level of maths and/or statistics. 

Our appointments are limited therefore you are encouraged to attend our drop-in sessions and faculty workshops for support before booking 1:1 slots if appropriate. Click here to visit the MLC booking page or click on the blue button on the right to book your appointment. 

Maths & Statistics Bookings

Maths 1:1 Tutorials

You can book Maths 1:1 appointments with the Maths Learning Centre Team.
We advise that you attend the drop-ins first prior to booking a 1:1 appointment.
Please bring your lecture and tutorial notes and attempted answers to this booking.


Statistics 1:1 Tutorials

This is particularly aimed at final year undergraduate and postgraduate students needing advice on analysing data for their projects and dissertations.

We offer statistical support to help you:

  • Consider the purpose of statistics
  • Design a questionnaire
  • Use statistical software packages e.g. Excel, SPSS, Minitab
  • Explore data and carry out descriptive statistics
  • Choose the right statistical test and analyse data
  • Interpret data and understand what your results mean

We are not able to:

  • Do the analysis
  • Advise on the subject of the project
  • Provide technical software support or advice
  • Proofread

Please bring your data in an electric form and any relevant material to this booking.

Please note the responsibility of your statistics project and analysis is yours, be prepared to make the decisions and value judgement for the work.

Book a Tutorial

 Maths Learning Centre 1:1 Booking

After selecting the date please hover over the info icon next to each name as we all specialise in different areas of maths and statistics support.

Maths & Statistics Topics

You can get support with:
- Basic maths
- Advanced maths
- Mechanics
- Basic statistics
- Advanced statistics
- Excel
- Minitab
- Numerical reasoning tests

- Initial Teacher training


To download SPSS Version 25 on your personal computer please see ITMS on the First floor in Kimberlin Library. They will provide you with a license key and instructions to get this installed onto your computer.