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Helping students develop as independent learners by strengthening their maths and statistics understanding.

One-to One Maths and Statistics Appointment Bookings

Currently we have bookable appointments (see below) however if these are not convenient please email for an alternative time.  

You can book 1-2-1 Maths and Statistics appointments with the Maths Learning Centre, Kimberlin Library room KL2.10

For Statistics advice, we can provide

·       advice on what techniques might be appropriate,

·       suggestions for sources to understand how to get the computer to do the calculations,

We are not able to:

·       do the analysis,

·       advise on the subject of the project,

·       provide technical software support or advice,

·       proofread.


Please bring your data in electric form and any relevant material to this session.

Please note the responsibility of your Statistics project and analysis is yours, be prepared to make the decisions and value judgement for the work.

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Welcome to the Maths Learning Centre

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Our services

Free, friendly and insightful support for DMU Students

Free, friendly and insightful support for DMU Students

Open for enquiries for the coming Year's Programme.

  • Faculty Optional Workshops

Running in parallel with Faculty lectures and tutorials, these workshops provide opportunity to see the material presented differently

  • Open Programme Workshops
  • Supporting students with specific learning difficulties, including dyslexia, dyscalculia and maths anxiety
  • Provide free resources
  • Provide workshops and training 
  • Free to all DMU university students AND staff

If you have any queries or would like further information, come along to our drop-ins or email