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Librarians: Welcome

Contact details for librarians

Welcome to Librarians

How librarians can help you

Librarians have subject specialist knowledge and can help you with:

  • Identifying sources to help you find good quality information
  • Searching effectively
  • Referencing and reference management

Contact your librarian to arrange a 1:1 tutorial, or drop in to one of our pop-up libraries.  

Librarians are also available on the first floor enquiry desk to help you with any queries.

For online help, use the subject guides to direct you to the most appropriate resources

Librarians by Faculty



Sharon Laverick (Monday - Wednesday)

Arts and Festival Management Neil Skinner
Dance Carol Keddie
Design Crafts Carol Keddie
Design Management Carol Keddie
Drama Carol Keddie
English Neil Skinner
English and Language Teaching Neil Skinner

Sharon Laverick (Monday - Wednesday)

Film Studies Neil Skinner
Fine Art Carol Keddie

Sharon Laverick (Monday - Wednesda)

History Neil Skinner
Interior Design

Sharon Laverick (Monday - Wednesday)

Performing Arts Carol Keddie
Photography Neil Skinner
Product and Furniture Design Carol Keddie

Ann Collick (Monday - Wednesda)



Accounting and Finance Adele Creak
Economics Adele Creak
Housing Anna Richards
Human Resource Management Adele Creak
International Relations Anna Richards

Marie Letzgus

Monday - Wednesday; Friday

Marketing Adele Creak
Politics Anna Richards
Public Policy and Government Anna Richards
Strategic Management Adele Creak




Ceri Laing (Monday - Thursday)

Biomedical and Medical Sciences

Emily Warren (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Criminology and Criminal Justice Anna Richards

Ceri Laing (Monday - Thursday)

Forensic Science Emily Warren (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Health Studies

Ceri Laing (Monday - Thursday)

Healthcare Science

Ceri Laing (Monday - Thursday)

Nursing and Midwifery

Joanna Dare (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science

Emily Warren (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Policing and Probation Anna Richards
Psychology Anna Richards
Social Work Anna Richards

Ceri Laing (Monday - Thursday)

Speech and Language Therapy

Ceri Laing (Monday - Thursday)

Youth and Community Anna Richards



Animation Design

Liz Martin (Monday - Wednesday)

Computer Science and Information

Adele Creak

Engineering, Media and Sustainable Development

Liz Martin (Monday - Wednesday)

Game Art Design

Liz Martin (Monday - Wednesday)

Graphic Design and Illustration Neil Skinner
IESD (Institute of Environmental and Sustainable Development)

Liz Martin (Monday - Wednesday)

IOCT (Institute of Creative Technology)

Liz Martin (Monday - Wednesday)

Journalism Neil Skinner
Media and Communication Neil Skinner
Music Technology and Innovation Neil Skinner
Sustainable Development

Liz Martin (Monday - Wednesday)



Subject Guides

Subject guides are online guides prepared by your Subject Librarian informing you of the best resources available in your subject area. Select your Faculty and view the relevant guides.

Art & Design

Business & Law

Health & Life Sciences


A-Z Subject Guide List:

General enquiries

Click Just Ask! for any general enquiries. 

Or call 0116 257 7042.

Enquiry Desk

Come and see us on the First Floor Enquiry Desk in the Kimberlin Library