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DMU Writing Circle - Fabulous Summer Writing Fridays

DMU Writing Circle - Summer of Writing 2019

DMU Writing Circle Summer Series

Meet. Write. Learn.

  • Social writing for PhD research students and DMU academic staff
  • 2 hour afternoon writing sessions on selected Wednesdays during the summer vacation
  • Meet other writers - learn and share tips and techniques
  • Supportive writing environment - helps you meet writing goals
  • Tea and coffee provided


Eric Wood EW2.03 from 3-5pm


3-5pm, Wednesday 17 July

3-5pm, Wednesday 31 July

3-5pm, Wednesday 14 August

3-5pm, Wednesday 4 September

3-5pm, Wednesday 18 September


And then 3-5pm every Wednesday from 2 October 2019

(i.e. from Week One of the 2019/20 Academic Year)


The DMU Writing Circle Summer Series comprises 5 Wednesday afternoons during the summer vacation period where DMU research students and academic staff can meet and write alongside one in a supportive, collegial environment. Participants are encouraged to share tips, tricks, and techniques for effective writing, and to provide support for one another to help achieve writing goals. 

From the start of the new term, the Writing Circle will be a regular weekly event, focused primarily on social writing (getting writing done together), but with occasional seminars and events with a writing theme.

For more information on the DMU Writing Circle please contact Jason Eyre ( 



DMU Writing Circle

Meet. Write. Learn.

The DMU Writing Circle is open to staff and research students who are interested in developing their capabilities as writers through participation in a social writing environment and community. 

The Writing Circle provides a collegial environment which is focused on writing as the primary task. This environment is primarily social/peer-led (“meet”); the activities are focused on the production of written work (“write”); and engagement with the Writing Circle enables participants to “learn” – either in terms of technique, or in terms of reflecting on their own approaches to writing. 

The Writing Circle will commence with a 'summer series' of social writing events to be held in the Eric Wood building EW2.03 at 3-5pm on selected Wednesdays from July-September (17, 31 July; 14 August; 4, 18 September). 

These social writing events will then switch to being held WEEKLY every Wednesday, 3-5pm from the start of term 2019/20 (2 October 2019) also in Eric Wood building EW2.03. 

So if you are a member of staff, or a PhD research student feel free to come along and meet, write, learn...

For more information email Jason Eyre in the CLaSS team: