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Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS): Grammar Toolkit/Glossary

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Active In an active sentence, the subject does the action of the verb.
Auxiliary verb

A helper verb. It has abstract meaning (e.g. time, who does something), not related to an action or event.

Causation The relation of cause to effect. (This will happen as a result of this).
Countable Nouns that need to be grammatically singular or plural.
Grammar A system of providing abstract meaning (e.g. time, who does something, how it is done) in writing.
Passive The subject is the recipient of the verb action, not the person/thing doing the action.
Plural More than one of something.
Proof reading Noticing and correcting grammar mistakes in a text.
Sentence One complete idea that can stand alone, optionally with additional information of less importance.
Singular Exactly one of something.
Tense The time of an event or action.
Tentativeness/caution How certain the author presents the factuality of a statement.
Uncountable Things that cannot be grammatically counted.