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IT Induction and support for learning technologies: Microsoft Imagine Academy

Microsoft Imagine Academy

De Montfort University subscribes to the Microsoft Imagine Academy, which offers access to on-line training courses free of charge for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project.  In addition, there are courses for those interested in technical applications such as Windows operating systems and server software.

Image of a laptop computer with the Microsoft branding colours

                            image of laptop computer with microsoft colours

Which course should I take?

There are in excess of 1500 courses available in a range of languages. 

The full list of Microsoft Imagine Academy courses (in all available languages) is available from this link. 

This documents is rather long I am afraid but you can search for a particular package (for instance Microsoft Word) by using the ‘Select and Find’ button to the far right hand side of the ‘Home’ tab.  In the drop down menu select ‘Find’ and then type the software training that you are interested in, such as Word.  If you click ‘find next’ at the bottom of the pop-up window it will move you down the list to the various Word training options.   

When you have selected a course or courses (there is a maximum of three courses at a time) that you want to take do make sure that you note the ID number and course title. 

Once you are enrolled and have started a course, you are allowed to use it for 150 days, giving you ample time to complete. 

How do I enrolImage of a questionmark

If you wish to enrol on a course please email with;

  • the Microsoft Imagine Academy course title

  • the Microsoft Imagine Academy course ID number

  • your student DMU email address

  • your faculty or school

We will setup access to your chosen course or course’s and will explain how you can access the Microsoft Imagine Academy.