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DMU Resource Lists for Staff (previous): Q&As

DMU Resource Lists

To access DMU Resource List, click on this link and login with your Single Sign On.

Check the Questions & Answers below or the guide's other tabs to find out how to get started using the system. 

DMU Resource Lists Q&As

Questions Answers
What is DMU resource list?
  • It is a system that enables you to create dynamic resource lists for students including content from a wide range of media.
  • It provides easy access to resources in a variety of formats forming part of the university’s commitment to Universal Design for Learning (UDL).  

Watch the Introduction to DMU Resource Lists video to find out more about the benefits to students, academics and the library. 

What kind of list is most useful to students?
  • It includes all the materials that students are expected to read, watch and listen to          
  • It should be clearly laid out in a way that mirrors the course structure e.g. by week, topic, format…
  • It should specify the level of importance of each item on a list e.g. Suggested for Purchase, Essential, Recommended or Optional
  • It is enriched with guidance, annotations and explanations 
  • It is ‘scaffolded’ to enable students to develop confidence in finding, using and evaluating information
  • It is up to date and include items that are easily available e.g. not out of print. 
  • It should demonstrate cultural awareness, reflecting our diverse student cohort
Can I get help with creating DMU Resource Lists?

Library staff offer a range of support to enable you to create your lists:

How do I get started using the system?
  • Login to DMU Resource list with your Single Sign On at: 
  • Create a profile 
  • Create a new list (Click on 'My Lists' then 'Create new list') 
  • Add the 'bookmark button' to your browser (Click on 'My Bookmarks' then 'Install Bookmark Button'). 

Step by step instructions are available on the Getting started tab of the DMU Resource Lists guide and from the ‘Quick Start' guide. 

How do I add content to my list?
  • Search for the book, journal article, web page, video etc. you want to add to your list on Library Search, individual databases or the internet.
  • Once the item you want to add is displayed on your screen, click the bookmark button on your browser.  This will grab the metadata of the resource, so you can add it to your list without having to type anything.

For more information on how to add different types of content, check the different tabs ('adding books', 'adding journals', 'adding other items') of the DMU Resource Lists guide

How do I request a chapter of a book or journal article to be digitisated/scanned?

The library can scan extracts, chapters and articles added to DMU Resource Lists under the terms of our CLA Licence. Once scanned, materials are available directly from the resource list. To request digitisation:

  • Add the book/journal article to your resource list as normal
  • When looking at your list in 'edit mode' (choose ‘Edit’ and ‘Edit List’) you should see a “Request Digitisation” option underneath each item on the list
  • Select it, and complete the form as directed. 

Once submitted, checks will be run to ascertain whether the item can be digitised. If the request is successful, the Library will digitise the material which will be linked to your reading list entry. You will be kept informed of each stage of the process.

Check the ‘Request Digitisation’ tab of the guide.or download the quick guide for step by step instructions 

What do I need to do after I have finished my list?  

Your new list will be in draft mode i.e. not visible to students until it has been reviewed by the Library. Library staff will check links, purchase items not in stock etc.

  • To send your list to the Library to be reviewed, click on 'Request Review' when viewing your list in 'edit' mode.
How can I ensure that materials on my list are available by the start of term?

Request a review of your list as soon as you can to make sure that your list is reviewed and items available for students in the Library.  You will ned to do this  at least 8 weeks before the beginning of term. This will allow the Library time to check your list and order items that are not in stock. 

How do I add my list to Blackboard?

You will receive an email when your list has been reviewed and  you can then add it to Blackboard.

Check the Publishing tab (on the right hand side of the page) for step by step instructions on how to attach your list to Blackboard.

What if I want to update my list after I have added it to Blackboard?

You can make changes to your lists at any time after it has been reviewed and added to Blackboard. You won't need to re-attach it to Blackboard as the link will stay the same.

  • If you want the changes to be visible to students immediately and you are confident that the list doesn't need to be checked by the library again, you can select the 'Publish' button when in 'edit' mode
  • If you want the library to check the changes you have made before they become visible e.g. you have added a book that needs purchasing, select 'Request review'. The library will review the changes and then publish the list. You will be notified when this has been done.
What happens to my lists next academic year?

In May, 18/19 resource lists will be automatically created. These new lists will be exact copies of your 17/18 lists (minus unpublished changes). This is what we call the rollover.

When the rollover is about to happen, we will send you an email with instructions on what to do next. Instructions will also be available here

What should I do if I have a problem with DMU Resource Lists?

If you have problems of any kind with DMU Resource Lists contact your subject librarian in the first instance. Even if they can't solve the issue, they will ask somebody who can.

The best way to contact your subject librarian is via your faculty email address as the faculty inboxes are checked by a number of different people.