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Referencing and Reference Management: Reference Management Software

Guide to referencing using different styles and reference management software including information on how to use RefWorks.

Help using reference management tools

There are a number of guides available to help you use the various tools; links to which are provided below. Further guidance on using RefWorks is available from the RefWorks link via the Reference Management Software tab above.

What is reference management software?

Reference management software enables you to:

  • Collect and organise your references
  • Add your own notes to references
  • Attach files to individual records e.g. full-text pdfs
  • Insert references into documents
  • Create formatted bibliographies

Reference management software is particularly useful for larger pieces of work where a greater number of references are being used.


Which reference management software?

There is a huge variety of reference management software available and you will need to decide which suits your needs best. This includes:

DMU has a subscription to RefWorks which is a web-based reference management tool. EndNote is the software which we previously had a licence to, and which requires a fee unless you have already purchased it. All other tools listed are free via the Internet.

This comparison table from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) may be useful in helping you determine the best software to use.



RefWorks is the software Library and Learning Services at DMU support. It allows you to input, organise, manage, retrieve and format lists of references (bibliographies).