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Copyright Guide at De Montfort University: Licences held by DMU to support teaching

This section covers information relating to frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact me .

Assistance within the University

For further advice within the University, contact:


Rohit Tailor (Copyright Officer, Library Services) – for general advice on copyright and information on copyright clearance procedures.

Dr Alan Brine (Head of Archives and Resource Management) – for more complex copyright issues and information on the University’s copyright licences.



Copyright Licensing Agency UUK/GuildHE Higher Education Licence

Licences in support of teaching and learning

Various licences can help you to use printed and electronic copyright material safely in support of teaching and learning.


Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Higher Education Licence (Photocopying and Scanning books and journals)

The CLA HE Licence enables staff to make multiple copies or digital (scanned) copies of limited extracts from many printed sources for use in learning and teaching.

The Educational Recording Agency (ERA and ERA Plus) Licensing Scheme

The University's ERA licence permits us to record off-air and make copies of programmes broadcast by ERA's members (including the main terrestrial channels), for non-commercial educational purposes. The Library provides a service to make available off-air recordings either for addition to library stock or for use by academic staff in faculties in support of teaching. UK-based registered students may borrow recordings, provided these are for educational use, but we are not allowed to supply recordings to students based overseas.  The University also subscribes to the ERA Plus Licence.  This means that recordings can be incorporated into Blackboard modules and accessed by students at home and off-site within UK.

The Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) Agreement

The NLA licence allows us to copy and circulate cuttings from certain newspapers (i) for distribution to staff for internal management purposes, and (ii) for distribution to students for educational and instruction purposes, subject to certain conditions.

Ordnance Survey Licence

The University holds a licence which allows copying of Ordnance Survey maps for teaching purposes, either as teaching aids for lecturers, or for projects and exams set for students. The licence also covers copying of maps for use in academic research, subject to certain conditions.

More sources of Help

Helpful sites:


JISC Digital Media

JISC Digital Media provides some basic information on rights issues associated with creating "time-based" digital media resources, i.e. those resources that change over time - including spoken audio, music, animation, and video - as opposed to still images or screen shots. Rights issues include copyright, recording rights, moral rights and performance rights.

JISC Casper project

The JISC Casper project is developing interactive tools to help lecturers develop resources in an electronic environment to make sense of copyright, as well as providing resources to manage rights.

JISC’s e-learning series

JISC's e-learning series provides helpful guidance for those developing, delivering and managing e-learning materials.

The Publishers' Association

The Publishers' Association provides useful information on a number of copyright topics from a publisher’s perspective.

The JISC Legal Information Service

The JISC Legal Information Service offers sector specific guidance and detailed publications to assist in this area of law. They also provide a varied range of FAQs with relevant examples and useful recommended links to other resources.