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DMU Resource Lists: Rollover

Guide for using the Resource and Reading Lists Online system

The rollover

If you were the owner of one or more published 2017/18 DMU Resource Lists.

1)      Your 2018/19 resource lists are available:

-          Each year all DMU Resource Lists are rolled over so you don’t have to start from scratch. The 2018/19 resource lists have now  been created. These are exact copies of the 17/18 lists (the 17/18 lists still exist but will eventually be archived).  You will find your 2018/19 lists alongside your 2017/18 lists under ‘My lists’ after you login to DMU Resource List

-          All 2018/19 lists have been switched to new student list view which has a sleeker and more modern look and feel and includes display of book jackets etc. The way you edit a list hasn’t changed.

2)      What you need to do:

-          You need to update your 2018/19  list ready for the next academic year by 31 July 2018.

-          If you are not intending to make any changes to your list(s), we still recommend that you request a review of the list by 31 July to enable the library to check the list for new editions etc…

3)      How do I update my lists?

-          Login to DMU Resource List and find your lists under ‘My Lists’ (you can also use the search box to search for your name or the module name)

-          Make sure you select the 2018/19 list(s)

-          To edit or request a review of your 2018/19 list, you need to be in ‘Edit’ mode. From the new list view, select ‘Edit list (classic)’ from the ‘Edit’ drop down menu on the top right hand side of the screen as shown below:

-          Edit your list. To refresh your memory on how to edit and add materials to your list, see the online guide (you can also get to the guide by clicking on ‘Help’ on the top right hand side of the DMU Resource List screen)

-          To request a review, simply click on 'Request Review' on the right hand side of the edit page.

If you have any problems, please do contact your academic liaison librarian. We are happy to help in any way we can.