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Art Collections: The Zurbrugg Collection

A guide to De Montfort University’s Art Collections .

The Zurbrugg Collection


De Montfort University holds a collection of approximately one hundred and thirty Fluxus and Concrete Poetry artworks and ephemera. Featuring key pieces and artists of these avant-garde art movements founded in the 1960s but still practiced today, DMU’s collection is a legacy of the late artist, curator and theorist Nicholas Zurbrugg.

Zurbrugg was Professor of English and Cultural Studies at DMU from the late 1990s to early 2000s. He was also Director of the Centre of Contemporary Arts, a cross disciplinary group that hosted symposia and created research opportunities around Fluxus and Concrete Poetry.

A substantial amount of the artwork came via a donation from curator and collector Francesco Conz who was awarded a doctorate by DMU 1999. Others came via print workshops and exhibitions given by artists at DMU and curated by Zurbrugg.

The collection includes work by Fluxus artists such as Dick Higgins, Alison Knowles, Ken Friedman, Robert Watt and Philip Corner. It also features Concrete Poetry greats such as Edwin Morgan, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Emmett Williams, Robert Lax and Eugen Gomringer.





From The Zurbrugg Collection

Changing, Alison Knowles, date unknown

© Alison Knowles

Silencio, Eugen Gomringer, 1951/1990

© Eugen Gomringer

Notatone, Madonna Staunton, 1999

© Madonna Staunton