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Art Collections: Welcome to DMU Art Collections

About DMU Art Collections

De Montfort University’s Art Collections contain over 800 artworks that mirror the variety of practices and passions of DMU staff and students from the 1900s to date. The range reflects a multi-faceted approach to collecting: buying new works for new buildings, legacies from lecturers, donations made by visiting and associated artists or alumni and award winning student work.

Ranging from oil abstracts to black and white photographs, standalone sculptures to lithograph prints, the Art Collections include works from the likes of Bridget Riley, Patrick Heron, Fluxus artists Alison Knowles and Dick Higgins, Jasper Johns, Concrete poets Henri Chopin and Ian Hamilton Finlay to Birgit Skiold, Estelle Thompson, Rigby Graham, Sir Peter Blake and Christian Furr as well as innovative art and design from graduates. Artwork is displayed in all buildings on campus, used in exhibitions, teaching and research aiming to reinforce De Montfort University’s position as one of the most creative universities in the UK.

From the DMU Art Collections

Tools of Art, Craft, Science and Technology, Percy Brown, 1937

© Estate of Percy Brown

By Night, Bridget Riley, 1993

© Bridget Riley