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DMU Resource Lists: Requesting a review & Publishing

Guide for using the Resource and Reading Lists Online system

Requesting a library review

A list is not live (viewable to students) until it has been reviewed by library staff.

  • To send your list for Review, simply click on   on the right hand side of the screen when editing your list (under the 'Save draft' button)
  • From the students' list view, you can also select 'Request Review' from the Edit menu on the top right hand side as shown below:

          save image

  • Staff in the Library will then ensure that all the books are in stock and order those that are not. Once the Review is completed, you will be notified
  • The list will then be accessible to students either by giving them the URL of the list or better still by linking it to the relevant Blackboard module shell (see instructions below)

Attaching a section of your list to Blackboard

You may sometimes want to attach only a section of your list to Blackboard for example  the reading list for a specific tutorial 

  • Proceed as shown in the section 'Attaching the list to your module in Blackboard'
  • After selecting your module and before clicking on the ‘Save’ button, select the particular section of the list you want to attach:

  • Click on 'Save'
  • When users click on the relevant heading, they will only be able to see the section of the list that you have selected.
  • If you wish to display each section on a week by week basis you can add each section individually and use the timed release function in Blackboard to ensure that the sections only display when you want them to.

Attaching the list to your module in Blackboard

  • Go to the area of your module shell where you want to your Resource List to be accessed from.
  • Select  ’Build Content’ from the menu and select ‘Resource Lists (Talis Aspire)’  on  the bottom left of the menu : 

  • Enter a  name for your resource list and click on the ‘Submit’ button (DO NOT add more than one line in the Description field as this will cause the link to fail).
  • Click on the new heading for your resource list  headed by this logo  and enter your Single Sign On when prompted
  • Search for or select the list which corresponds to your module
  • To attach the whole list, simply click on 'Save'.


Click here to watch an example of this process. Please also refer to the above instructions. 




Maintaining your list

If you make any changes to a list after it has been published, users will not be able to see these changes unless you publish it again and send it to the Library for review. There are no limits to the number of times you publish a particular list. The URL of the list will not change so once it is published and the review is completed the updated list will be available from the same URL or from the same place in Blackboard.