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DMU Resource Lists: Creating & editing lists

Guide for using the Resource and Reading Lists Online system

Working with lists: introduction

This section include instructions on how to work with list i.e. how to create and edit list and how to make a list your own by creating sections, including notes and more.

Creating a new list

- Login to Talis Aspire at: 

- Click on   on the top left hand side

- Click on on the top right hand side

- Enter your list's name (which must include the module code without space followed by the module title i.e. LLBP1004 Law of Contract)

- Fill the additional fields if relevant, then click on the 'Create List' button. 

- A 'Search for List Owner' pop up window will open. Click 'I am List Owner'.

- You can now start adding items to your list either from previously bookmarked items or directly when bookmarking

Creating sections and subsections

Once you have created a list, you can create sections within it.

- Login, find your list on the system and select 'Edit list' from the  drop down menu

- On the right hand side menu drag the handle  on the left of 'New Section'  to where you want to add your section

- Enter the title of the new section in the box that pops up

- You can add subsections by dragging new sections into existing sections.  

- When you create a section or subsection, it will be added as a heading or subheading in the Table of Content at the top of the list

Adding notes to a list

To add a Note to your list, either underneath a Section heading or above an item on your list, follow the instructions on 'Creating sections and subsections' above selecting 'New Note' rather than 'New Section'. You can then drag your Note to wherever you want it to be.

Editing a list

To edit a list, you need to:

- Login and find your list

- Select 'Edit List (classic)' from the Edit menu on the top right hand side of the screen as shown below:

- you will then be in 'Edit mode' and able to add Sections, Notes, Pages and Bookmarks to your list from the right hand side menu.

Hierarchy and student numbers

To link your list to the module hierarchy so it is easier to add to Blackboard and to add student numbers so the library can decide how many copies of a book to purchase, you need to:

-  Select 'Hierarchy and student number' from the Edit menu on the top right hand side of your list as shown below:

save image

- Type the list's module code and enter student numbers on the next screen:

save image


Transfering ownership of a list

If you need to assign a list to a different owner, you need to:

- Login and search for your list

- Select 'Assign list owner' from the 'Edit' menu

- Enter the name of the person you want to assign the list to and click on 'Assign'. Note that there can only be one owner per list so the existing owner will be automatically removed

Adding notes and setting importance to items on a list

To add notes to an item (e.g. book, on your resource list, you need to:

- Click on 'Edit notes and importance' underneath the details of your item as circled below:

- On the next screen you have the option to write a note for students and also a note for the library. The note for the library (for example to ask for more copies of a book to be ordered) will not be visible to students.  

- You can also set or edit the importance of the item from this screen