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Welcome to Library and Learning Services: Welcome

An introduction to help you to make the most of DMU Library and Learning Services

Welcome Guide

You will be given a leaflet summarising all the services on offer from Library and Learning Services. We also have a downloadable version for you here.

Photogtaphic Tour of Kimberlin Library

What's Happening In The Library?

University Student Card

You will need your University Student Card to access library buildings. You must produce your card when requested to do so by any member of DMU staff. You need your student card to access University buildings, borrow books and for photocopying and printing.

Welcome to DMU Library and Learning Services



Welcome to Library and Learning Services where we offer a wide range of resources and support to help you enjoy success in your studies. Our friendly and helpful staff are here to support you with your studies, if you have a query, just ask! Our users value our service and resources.

Library and Learning Services offers a wide range of learning environments. There are spaces in the library enabling silent study through to group work. The Learning Zones in the Kimberlin Library, Eric Wood and The Greenhouse provide space for group and individual work, have workstations with power supplies for laptops, plus syndicate rooms with group-work facilities. Rehearse presentations or work in privacy, the choice is yours!  

Generous opening hours: the main Kimberlin Library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (only closing over the Christmas vacation), so you can study when it suits you. You can use the library online 24 hours a day, wherever you have Internet access. There is also a specialist Law Library in Hugh Aston. Use this link to check the latest opening times.

What our students have said about the Library

Study Zones

We offer 3 types of learning area - you can work in a space appropriate for your work:

  1. Group study areas -for conversational level talking amongst groups of students
  2. Quiet study areas -generally quiet areas with occasional brief conversations at a low volume with the person sitting next to you
  3. Silent study areas - study areas where no talking is permitted

Here is a link to a map of all our libraries and study areas. The numbers refer to the location on the map.  Learning Zones and The Greenhouse  (34) cater for group working and we have bookable Syndicate Rooms in the Kimberlin (23) and Law libraries (18). Quiet Study is permitted in the Eric Wood (9) and Greenhouse Learning Zones (34).There are dedicated Silent Study rooms on the Second Floor of the Kimberlin Library (23).

Library Video

Linked here is our Library Video with information about our services and facilities presented by the people who use it.

Behaviour in the Library

To help us maintain a the different study areas we ask you to abide by the noise regulations on each of the library floors. These noise regulations are imposed in response to student feedback specifying the need for different kinds of study area.

Further, to help us maintain a conducive study environment we ask that hot drinks and food are not consumed anywhere in the Law Library. Hot drinks and cold snacks are permitted in the Kimberlin Library, Eric Wood learning Zone and The Greenhouse. Hot food and take-away style food are not permitted in any of our study areas.