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Maths Learning Centre (MLC): Maths and Stats Workshops

Enhancing maths and statistics learning and teaching for staff and students

Maths and Statistics Workshops

Welcome to Maths Learning Centre (MLC) Workshops

These optional workshops are delivered on maths and statistics topics and they take place throughout the academic year - please click here to book and find out more details. Bookings for all workshops open two weeks in advance.

Currently we offer the following workshops: 

- Using your Casio Calculator to do simple statistics
- Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Numeracy Skills Test

- Algebra Bootcamp
- Quantitative data collection: Designing a questionnaire
- Statistical analysis: Descriptive statistics
Statistical analysis: Choosing the right statistical tests

Make it Count HEAR

The Following workshops are being developed for our Make it Count HEAR Programme.  Please email us for details if you are interested in any of them.

Research Skills

- Introduction to statistics

- Questionnaire Design

- Hypothesis testing

- Descriptive statistics

- Inferential statistics 1

- Inferential statistics 2

- Applied statistics

Quantitative Skills

- Numerical Reasoning

- Partial fractions

- Logs + Indices

- Rearranging algebra expressions

- Factorising + completing the square

- Binary, Comp 1, Comp 2

- Functional skills