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Employability, Careers and Placements: Welcome

Guide highlighting key information sources to help you research a company, industry or profession.

Why might this guide be useful to me?

Placement- if you are going on placement you will want to choose or apply to companies in your particular field

Looking for a Job- where might you apply, or send your CV

Going for an interview? You will need to know about the company


Employability at DMU

Commercial Awareness

What is commercial awareness?

  • An interest in business and an understanding of the wider environment in which an organisation operates
  • An awareness of its customers, competitors, suppliers, products, markets
  • Understanding of a company’s business benefits and commercial realities: organisation and customer viewpoint
  • Awareness of the need for efficiency, customer care, marketplace knowledge; current economy, major competitors

   (University of Kent, accessed 5/2/13)


What can I do?

  • RESEARCH company information. Look for: what the company has to say about itself, what others (business journals, competitors) have to say, new stories. ‚Äč
  • REMEMBER to look at all angles and get a balanced perspective.