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Library Disability Services: Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology in the Library

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT) is an umbrella term that includes assistive and adaptive devices for people with disabilities, specific learning differences and mobility issues.  Where you see reference to Assistive Technology (AT) PCs, these are computers loaded with specialist software.

Click here to see more details on the Assistive Technology Library GuideYour starting point to access information on all our Library assistive technology software, help and advice.

The AT guide has information on:

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You can also use the drop down menu functions from this page to find out about the software and equipment that we have available. 



Self-service photocopier/printers are available. You can use the copiers to enlarge text to double the size (A4 to A3). If you require cream or other coloured paper please see a member of library staff who will be happy to load it into the machines for you.

In certain circumstances you may be able to claim your photocopying costs back via the DSA (Disabled Students’ Allowances). You will need to provide a receipt so always obtain one when crediting your account.


Assistive Technology Workshops

To book onto an Assistive Technology (AT) workshop and view our other sessions, click here  or use the calendar above.

Bookings open two weeks prior to the workshop week.

AT News...

One-to-One Tutorials (1:1)



If you are a disabled student and wish to find out more about using assistive software in your studies, you can now make an appointment with the Assistive Technology (AT) Officer from our tutorial booking page. Click here to visit AT Bookings or click on the "Book 1:1 Tutorial" blue button below.

You can see the AT officer about…

  • A specific software
  • An overview of all AT software in the Library
  • Finding AT software that can help with your studies
  • How to make text accessible (PDFs, Docs, Web pages and eBooks)
  • How to use speech-to-text software with Microsoft Word

Book a Study Room

Icon of Computer and deskThe library has six bookable Individual Study Rooms (KL00.08a-00.08f) and two Accessible Study Rooms (KL00.06-KL00.07) for Assistive Technology registered users.

The Study Rooms can be booked online by DMU students. Click here to access the online booking system. Your single Sign-On username and password is required. Walk-up bookings may also be made at the door of each study room for available slots.