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Welcome to Library and Learning Services: Library Computers

Using Computers

Across all Library Spaces PCs and Macs are available. These computers give access to Microsoft Office, Internet access via a range of browsers and much more. We also provide designated PCs with disability software such as Zoomtext.

Log on to these computers using your P number (on your student card ie. P0123456) as a username and your date of birth (dd/mm/yy) as the password.

If you do choose to bring your own laptop with you to DMU, our students can access our wireless network throughout the library – you’ll just need to go to myDMU to register your own laptop.


Click on the link below for further information about our Computer provision and what specialist software.

Printing, photocopying and scanning

The Kimberlin Library is home to a number of multifunction devices that are the same as those installed across the University.  There are also a number available in Eric Wood and The Greenhouse. A helpsheet is available that explains how to use these devices.

Standard A4 and A3 Black & White and Colour Printing can be sent from any PC and printed off on any device on campus.

Photocopying and scanning can also be carried out on any device on campus.

Within Kimberlin Library specialist printing of A4 acetates, A4 soft gloss and A3 High Quality is also available in the 1st Floor IT area.


More information is available from the university webpages.

Paying for printing and photocopying

You can pay for your printing and photocopying by topping up your print account via dedicated kiosks in the Kimberlin Library foyer or online at


Use of Computers and IT at DMU

Use of Computers and IT at DMU 

To help all of our staff and students get the best from our computing and IT facilities the University asks all users to comply with its regulations, policies and conditions of use. The general conditions and guidelines for the use of DMU hardware devices, software or connections through the university’s network are set out below.

 It is important that you read the general conditions and guidelines set out below.

Guidelines to help you use DMU computers and IT

Keep your passwords safe. Any username and password given to you by DMU is for your use only. Do not reveal your details to anybody else and do not try to use somebody else’s details.

Know when and where you may use DMU hardware, software and networks. Special permission is needed to use DMU computers for personal, commercial or off-campus work. There may be charges for some computer use.

Understand how to use the equipment. Remember that you will need permission to move or borrow anything, to connect any new hardware or to install new software.

Take care of the equipment. Do not damage or alter any hardware or software. A charge is applicable for repair and reinstallation. Avoid running software or opening files obtained from distrusted sources. Be particularly cautious of accessing files attached to unsolicited emails or stored on untrusted media.

Be Aware

  • Old data and uncollected print outs may be removed through housekeeping procedures so check how long they are kept.

  • DMU is not responsible for any loss caused by your use of any hardware devices, software or network connections.

Be legal, always keep within the law: Do not alter or remove data created by other people.

Please be aware that we always investigate breaches of conditions of use.

Logging on ...








Your "Single Sign-On" 

This will give you access to your university student email account, myDMU, Blackboard and your Library My Account, as well as DMU's computing services, including scanning, photocopying and printing. You will also need this to access e-books, e-journals and research databases through the library webpages.

Your “Single Sign-On” username and default password sign-on page looks like this:

Username = P01234567 (library card P number)
Password = Your date of birth (dd/mm/yy)

You must change your password at the earliest opportunity.


Your student email.

Your student email address will be Office 365 gives free access to the latest Microsoft Office online products including Word and Powerpoint, together with 1TB of online storage with OneDrive. 


IT facilities

There are a number of computers loaded with specialist CAD software such as Adobe CC, AutoCAD, Solidworks and Rhino.

There are also laptops available for loan through our self-service facility (pictured).

If you do choose to bring your own laptop with you, you can access our wireless network throughout the Library via the EDUROAM network. You will need to register first. 


To make the most of the Information Technologies (IT) available here at DMU, please refer to the IT induction and support for Learning Technologies guide.  The services we support include: IT induction, learning technology, the Microsoft Imagine Academy (training courses for Microsoft technologies) and assistive technology.