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Discover Library Search: Frequently Asked Questions


Should I use Library Search or the Library Catalogue?

The Library Catalogue is the main inventory of books, journal titles (print and online), media, and other documents held in DMU Libraries. Library Search is a search engine that searches all of the records in the Library Catalogue as well as full text articles from our e-journals and databases and items from our digital collections. 


  • If you are looking for a specific book (or video recording or other specific known item), the Library Catalogue is a good place to start, since it will indicate whether/where the book is available at DMU.
  • If you are looking for a specific journal article, use Library Search, or more specifically, the eResources Portal, found at the top right-hand corner of Library Search, to see whether DMU has online access or a physical copy of the journal, then find the article in the journal.
  • If you are looking for all the available information on a topic, Library Search is the best place to start. Enter a few keywords to describe your topic, then you can narrow and specify the results using the facets on the left of the screen (limiting to peer reviewed sources, sources in a particular discipline, etc).
  • For renewing books and other account based activities, log in to the Library Catalogue.

I get thousands of results. How do I refine my search to find exactly what I'm looking for?

Try the following:

  • Try phrase searching by putting a phrase in quotation marks. For example:
green building => finds all records that have the word green OR the word building
"green building" => finds only records that have the exact phrase "green building"
  • Refine your search using facets - Down the left-hand side you will see a number of facets, such as "Content type" and "Discipline terms." Click on one or more of the check-boxes to limit your results to items matching that facet -- for example, click on "Content type: Books/e-Books" to limit your results to books and e-books. Click again to remove that limit.
  • Try the Advanced Search.

Why do I not always get straight to the full text?

Clicking the title of a full text result takes you to the website of the publisher of that article, and they can vary greatly in appearance and operation. Sometimes you may be given details of the article again, and will have to click on links to full text PDF or HTML versions to open them. Unfortunately, sometimes you may be taken to a search page, or to the webpage for the whole journal and not the article. You can try to locate the article from there, or try the eResources Portal and search for the journal from there.

How frequently is Library Search updated?

Library Search is constantly changing. Enhancements are released every two weeks.

How can I search just for ebooks in Library Search?

As in the example below select Content Type: Books/ebooks and also Full text online.



If you have any feedback about Library Search, or any questions you think should be added to this page, please contact us.