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SmartSpaces : Smartspaces Awareness Campaign

The aim of the SmartSpaces project is to save energy. This is seen visually from the SmartSpaces website by a simple scale of smiley or not so smiley faces. There are 3 areas which are measured, namely Gas, Electricity and Water.

Awareness week 1

Members of Library Green Impact Team pictured alongside Karl Letten, Environmental & Sustainability Officer

What we are aiming for

Run a Smartspaces awareness and promotion campaign

  • Launch and promote Smartspaces project on campus.

  • Run 2 weeks of Awareness Campaigns in Kimberlin Library

  • Produce a library slideshow to illustrate activities being undertaken

  • Create a LibGuide on the Smartspaces project using software already in use by LLS


Awareness Week 2

What we are doing

  • Campus-wide offical launch of SmartSpaces project on the 16th January 

  • Planning awareness weeks in Kimberlin Library beginning of February and March

  • Photographic evidence of project activities being collected

  • LibGuide (you're looking at it now!) being kept up-to-date with ongoing news and information
  • Read all about SmartSpaces Awareness Weeks blog here

Awareness week 1

Library Awareness Week Display