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SmartSpaces : Welcome

The aim of the SmartSpaces project is to save energy. This is seen visually from the SmartSpaces website by a simple scale of smiley or not so smiley faces. There are 3 areas which are measured, namely Gas, Electricity and Water.

Smartspaces in the Library

Karl Letten, DMU's Environmental & Sustainability Officer, talks about Smartspaces in the Library

Kimberlin Library

Why get involved?

  • Focus our Green Impact effort on engagement

  • Embrace opportunity to be involved in on-site project

  • Benefit from data showing half-hourly readings of energy performance

  • Engage with building users

  • Promote discussion forum(s) to help address energy usage

  • Encourage energy use reduction


What is SmartSpaces?


  • Smartspaces is a European-wide project seeking to use ICT to promote energy reduction in public buildings

  • 11 Pilot sites - of which Leicester is one

  • Joint partnership between DMU and Leicester City Council

  • Website hosted and developed at DMU

  • Graphical representation of Gas, Electricity & Water consumption with visual expressive coloured face indicator

  • The project aims to highlight energy use and promote discussion amongst building occupants about how energy use might be improved with the results of initiatives by occupants immediately visible on the web site displays.

Library and Learning Services - Green Impact Team

Representatives of the Kimberlin Library Green Impact Team receiving their Gold Award in 2013.

The current Green Impact Team comprises the following staff members:

Richard Partridge, Melanie Ball, Rosie Cogan, Helen Howkins, Carol Keddie, Karen Harrison, Amanda Lee, Ann Collick, David Smith, Helen Kitson, Mitchell Dunkley, Peter Glancy and Rohit Tailor.