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Library E-Resources Troubleshooting: Checking your browser "Pop-up Blocker" settings

Helpful troubleshooting guidance for library users experiencing access problems to DMU Library e-resources, e-journals and e-books.

"Pop-up Blocker" settings

Internet Explorer (IE) users may sometimes see a pop-up box/error message appear when a website is trying to load. This may lead to the website not loading properly, with content missing or not displaying in the standard format.

You can correct this problem by adding the website address to a "trusted" or "safe" list of sites within your IE browser settings. The option to add sites to this list is under the Tools tab. Select Tools (this is the "Cog" icon in the upper right of the browser window) > Internet options > Privacy > Settings (Pop-up Blocker). After following these links, you will see a text box display, in which a website address (URL) can be added. 

Pop-up Blocker