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Library E-Resources Troubleshooting: Still no access? Now what?

Helpful troubleshooting guidance for library users experiencing access problems to DMU Library e-resources, e-journals and e-books.

Contact Content Delivery

Laptop Stethoscope by JF Cherry, Flickr

Laptop Stethoscope / jfcherry / CC BY-SA 2.0

Email or call Content Delivery:


T: (0116) 207 8565

What Content Delivery can do to help

The Content Delivery Team:
- updates staff via email with 'real-time' resource problems & notifications.
- updates users via social media platforms with 'real-time' resource information.
- uses a laptop that enables us to "see what the user sees" offsite.
- tracks Single Sign On accounts to identify individual username & password issues.
- has regular contact with library content providers.
- logs & monitors longstanding access problems using library systems.
- captures usage statistics to highlight access trends & overall use of e-resources.
- works to ensure continuing access to paid-for & open access journals in the long term.
- liaises with other library teams to organise & host events to promote e-resources.

Sending a screenshot

If DMU Library has to contact a content provider to investigate an online access problem, it is often useful for staff to have a screenshot of any error messages displayed.

You can take a screenshot of error messages from your Windows PC/laptop by pressing the Print Screen (Print Scr) key. This copies the image of the error message and temporaily stores it on your computer.

The screenshot can then be pasted into an email message or a Word document attached to an email. To paste the image, select the Paste option from the Edit tab on the browser toolbar, or press the CTRL + V keys together.

For guidance on how to take screenshots from other devices (including Mac and iOS devices), visit

Send the screenshot with your name and contact details to