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Assistive Technology: Library Services

Your starting point to access information on all our library assistive technology software, help and advice.

Library and Learning Services (LLS)

The Library and Learning Services offer a wide range of resources and support.  These include the Library Disability Team, Centre for Learning & Support (CLaSS) and the Maths Learning Centre (MLC). You may also wish to explore other library guides that can direct you to the best resources and support for your subject and to general library collections and resources. Click here to see the Library and Learning Services Guide

CLaSS, Math Learning Centre (MLC) and Library Disability Services

Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS)

The CLaSS team work with undergraduate, postgraduate and research students, who are studying full-time, part-time and by distance learning. 

CLaSS knows that all students will need help and advice at some point in their studies. These are typical examples:

  • First year undergraduate - learn about simple strategies to help you to plan that first assignment.
  • Second year undergraduate - discover practical approaches to critical analysis in your academic writing.
  • Final year undergraduate - use guidance and support for your final dissertation.
  • Postgraduate and research students - make use of advice about studying at a higher level - maybe after having had some time out of education.‚Äč

Assignment drop-in runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2pm until 3pm; and Tuesday and Thursday 5-6pm in the Learning Development Zone of the Kimberlin Library.

You can contact CLaSS via email at,by telephone on 0116 257 7042 or Or visit reception in the Kimberlin Library. You can also find more information on their library guide and book onto any of their workshops by clicking here. 

The Maths Learning Centre (MLC)

The MLC provides mathematics and statistics support to anyone at DMU who needs it. You can find the MLC in Room 2.10 on the top floor of the Kimberlin Library. All students and staff welcome! 

Summer Opening Times 

Drop-in and Exam Revision: 31st July – 18th Aug


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
10am to 1pm 10am to 1pm 12pm to  3pm 10am to 1pm 10am to 1pm

For availability outside of these times please email: 

  • You can drop-in and stay for 5 minutes or 2 hours, as often as you like!
  • They are very patient and are happy to spend time with you individually to help you overcome any barriers to your understanding of the maths you need.
  • We have a strong bank of resources which match the modules you study.
  • If possible, bring any course materials or attempted questions with you, and a calculator if needed.

Extra Support

The MLC staff are experienced in supporting students with specific learning differences, including dyslexia, dyscalculia and maths anxiety.


Statistics support is available for dissertation students. Come along to a drop-in, or email Michele Wrightham for more information.

Book Maths and Statistics Appointments:

If you have any queries or would like further information from the MLC, come along for a chat or email visit the reception in the Kimberlin Library. You can also find more information on their library guide.

Library Disability Services

Make an appointment to see a member of the Library Disability Team to learn more about how to find your way round the Library and find useful information.

The Library Disability Team can help you with questions like...

  • How do I find information for my assignments – journal articles, reports
  • How do I log-on to the computers?
  • What’s my PIN number, and what’s it for?
  • Where can I get help with referencing?
  • Where are my books in the library and how do I borrow them?  
  • Can someone help me find my books?
  • How do I access the lift?
  • Whereabouts are the height-adjustable tables in the library?
  • How do I use the printers and how do I top-up my credit?
  • What’s a journal and how do I find the right ones to use?
  • How do I get a book if someone else has got it?
  • Where can I get help with writing my assignments, reports and essays?
  • What are the different study zones in the library – silent, quiet, group, syndicate and individual study rooms
  • What kind of specialised equipment do we have in the Library


You can contact the Library Disability Team via email at or by telephone on 0116 257 7042. You can also find more information on their Library Guide.


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Other Useful Library Guides

There are also a series of guides for your subject directing you to the best resources for your course.To see subject specific Library Guides, please click here or use the search button below.

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