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Assistive Technology: Computers & Study Rooms

Your starting point to access information on all our library assistive technology software, help and advice.

Assistive Technology Computers in the Library

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Assitive Technology Computers in the Library

There are a number of Assistive Technology(AT) computers installed with specialist software, such TextHelp Read&Write, Audio Notetaker and ZoomText. 

Check that the AT sticker is on the computer to make sure it has specialist assistive software on it. Click here to see maps of the library buildings and the location of the AT computers


You can also book a Study Room on the Lower Ground Floor of the Kimberlin Library. The computers in the study rooms are installed with AT software and scanners.

The following AT PCs in the Accessible Study Rooms are restricted to registered users only (you can email to see if you are eligible):

  • Accessible Study Room KL00.06 and KL00.07
  • Eric Wood, The Greenhouse and the Law Library
  • PC computer room KL00.09
  • Eric Wood
  • The Greenhouse
  • Law Library (Hugh Aston)

To see how you login and access the assistive software on AT computers . Scroll down to the box: How do you access assistive software on the computer.

All AT computers contain the following assistive software:

  • Claro Read (Text-to-Speech)
  • IncludeMe (Text-to-Speech/Webpage Translator)
  • Texthelp Read & Write (Text-to-Speech/Speech-to-Text)
  • MindGenius (Mind Mapping / Gantt)
  • Inspiration (Mind Mapping)
  • Mind View(Mind Mapping)
  • ZoomText (Screen Magnification)
  • Audio NoteTaker (Note-making software)
  • Notetalker (Note-making software)
  • Spellex (legal & medical dictionary spellcheck)
Note: Mind Mapping software, NoteTalker, ClaroRead and IncludeMe is also available via Cloudpaging and is therefore available on all Library computers and laptops.

How do you access assistive software in the Library?

The message below will appear if you are on an Assistive Technology computer when you log in. If you do not see this message, the computer will only have limited assistive software installed. 

Screenshot of login message

You can also identify the AT PCs, if you see this AT sticker.

  1. Via the Windows Start button and click on All Programs.
  2. Click on folder: Application Jukebox Library Packages.
  3. Select the required software from the list.

The following Assistive Technology (AT) Software is available on the AT computers:

  • Audio Notetaker
  • Dragon 14
  • Notetalker
  • TextHelp Read & Write
  • Include Me
  • ClaroRead
  • Inspiration
  • MindGenius
  • MindView
  • Spellex
  • Zoom Text Reader & Magnifier

Click here to see more details.

Kimberlin Library

AT PCs are available in the two accessible study rooms (KL00.06 + KL00.07) and the six Individual study rooms (00.08a-00.08f); extra 5 in KL00.09 (on the lower ground floor); 1 in the Learning Development Zone and 1 on the First Floor in the main IT area situated to the right of the IT helpdesk. There is also an AT PC located in the Postgraduate room on the lower ground floor of the Kimberlin Library. 

Eric Wood Learning Zone

2 situated to the left of the Building Attendant's desk as you enter.

Law Library

1 in the PC lab, situated by the fire exit. This PC lab is only accessible by Law students. (The Law Library is situated on the First Floor of the Hugh Aston building).

The Greenhouse

1 situated in the main PC area.

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Accessible Study Rooms

Accessible Study Rooms

With height adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs.

Installed with a range of assistive software

Book a Study Room

How to book a Study Room



The library has six bookable Individual study rooms and two Accessible Study rooms (KL00.06 & KL00.07) for registered Assistive Technology users.

The Study Rooms can be booked online by DMU students. Click here to access the online booking system. Your single Sign-On username and password is required. Walk-up bookings may also be made at the door of each study room for available slots. 

Make sure to scan your card and enter the room during the first 10 minutes of your booking slot. Otherwise, the booking will cancelled and the time slot will become publicly available again.


Book a Syndicate Room for Group Work

There are 8 bookable syndicate rooms available within Kimberlin Library and 2 in the Law Library.

Additional open access syndicate areas are available in Eric Wood and the Greenhouse.

A booking kiosk for Kimberlin syndicate rooms is available in the reception area of the Kimberlin Library

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