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Assistive Technology: 1:1 Tutorials

Your starting point to access information on all our library assistive technology software, help and advice.

Welcome to the Assistive Technology One-To-One Tutorials

One-to-One tutorials

Welcome to Assistive Technology (AT) tutorials 

If you wish to find out more about using assistive software in your studies, you can now make an appointment with the Assistive Technology Officer from our tutorial booking pageClick here to visit AT Bookings or click on the "Book 1:1 Tutorial" blue button on the right-hand side of this guide.

You can see the AT officer about…

  • A specific software
  • An overview of all AT software in the Library
  • Finding AT software that can help with your studies
  • How to make text accessible (PDFs, Docs, Web pages and eBooks)
  • How to use speech-to-text software with Microsoft Word

Assistive Software

The following software is available in the Library on the Assistive Technology PCs:

  • Claro Read (Text-to-Speech)
  • IncludeMe (Text-to-Speech/Webpage Translator)
  • Texthelp Read & Write (Text-to-Speech/Speech-to-Text)
  • MindGenius (Mind Mapping / Gantt)
  • Inspiration (Mind Mapping)
  • Mind View(Mind Mapping)
  • ZoomText (Screen Magnification & Reader)
  • Audio NoteTaker (Note-making software)
  • Notetalker (Note-making software)

The following software is available on all library PCs: ClaroRead, IncludeMe, Notetalker, Inspiration, MindGenius and MindView.

To find out more about other services available in the Library click here to visit the Library Disability Services Guide or email

Remember to check out our AT workshops as well.

Book a Tutorial

Book a one-to-one tutorial with the Assistive Technology Officer

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